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The Ashes


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Great result for England! The only cloud is the loss of James Anderson in the next test. Let's hope that this injury will not have the same affect on the series as the McGrath injury had on the 2005 series.

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My place of work is about a 15 min walk from Trent Bridge and I swear you can feel the atmosphere from here.:)

Past 3 hours all I've heard around the office is "Oh my God", "Unbelievable"..... and everyone has a smile.

Shaping up to be one of the greatest first days in Ashes Test history.

Come on England :)

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I came home from work at lunchtime today and had to do a double take when putting the telly on to check the cricket score! When I saw that we were 13 for no loss I assumed at first that the start of play had been delayed. It was only once I heard a bit of the lunchtime chat that I looked again and noticed that we trailed by just 47! I must admit I did wonder what I was going tocome home to this evening. We need to really pile the pressure on now and not let The Aussies back in as we have done in the past. I wonder what I will come home to tomorrow lunchtime? Hopefully England will still be batting.

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Just got back from meeting a friend and his wife who were lucky enough to get tickets for the first day.

They were still buzzing and kindly had got me a programme.

I'm still finding it hard to get my head round what happened today.


  • 111 balls (18.3 overs) is the shortest first innings of a Test, beating the 113 balls (22.3 five-ball overs) it took England to dismiss Australia at Lord's in 1896
  • This is only the fourth time in Test history that a team has been bowled out before lunch on the first day
  • 60 is Australia's joint seventh lowest and their second lowest since 1936
  • Australia's top four faced a combined 12 deliveries
  • Australia's first innings saw the earliest fall of the fourth, fifth and sixth wicket in Test history
  • Extras top-scored for the first time in an Ashes Test, with 14
  • Root's unbeaten 124 is the highest score in an Ashes Test in the second innings on the first day
  • Stuart Broad is God

My friends wife said she felt a little sorry for the Australians, so everybody pointed out the poisonous Australian press and their reaction to Australia winning the second test. 

Laughing my head off at the front pages of the Australian press when they wake up ( very soon). Pomicide :)

Agree CP about tomorrow but nothing will take away this historic day and I'm 99.99% certain we will win the Ashes at Trent Bridge.

Touch wood :)

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JOB DONE !!!  My favourite suggested headline on Thursday evening was from someone ringing into Radio 5 Live - "Aussies in the Didgeridoo-doo"  


I had no knowledge of what had been going on during Thursday's play until I got back into my car after the day's shift and turned on the sports news.  When they said that Australia had been bowled out for 60 I let out the mother of all yells and possibly veered across the road a couple of times.  Stunning session of play.


I think England have deserved the Ashes series victory; after a cracking first win the Aussies came back and murdered us at Lords, and it would have been so easy for them to have seized the initiative, as indeed they probably should have done at that point.  It does England a lot of credit that they have then come back and won two tests back-to-back (so breaking the pattern of WLWLWL etc.) and both in less than three days.  We look a more together and cohesive unit than the Aussies right now, I suspect there will be changes afoot in that camp, not least Clarke announcing his retirement after the Oval test already.  I wonder, too, about Lehman.


Time for now to put the 5-0 mauling in Australia behind us and start to, hopefully, look forward to a new, vibrant England.  Big credit to Cook and Bayliss and Farbrace (and Andrew Strauss?).  And let's just enjoy the moment :festive:  :banana:  

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Great win and the Ashes are now ours for a few years, :)

Raga agree with all you have said.England have this test win and a will to try young new exciting players.Things can only get better :)

For me regaining the Ashes at my home ground was the icing on the cake of a great test series.One to go but that will be exhibition play.

Well done England  :arms:

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As we were on holiday last week with our granddaughters, cricket took a very second place.  Mr Bb got a text from h8im best friend with a cryptic comment about the Aussie first innings and that was the first we knew about what was happening.  We were unable to watch any television coverage until we got back late on Friday evening but tried to follow it on radio and via my mobile app.  Saturday morning in front of the telly to watch the last three wickets fall was an absolutely must for us.  I really thought the Aussies would put up a last wicket stand of some sort, but they seemed to be totally demoralised.  The fact that Michael Clark told them he was resigning as captain after the next test could hardly have helped morale either.  But what a fabulous win - and I absolutely loved the final ball that took the stump out of the ground so dramatically and emphatically.  WELL DONE ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM. 

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I always like to follow my cricket fairly, and I have to say that I think Michael Clarke deserves a lot of credit for the total honesty with which he has approached the interviews this series, when often he has not had a lot to be pleased about and to front up before the cameras is the last thing you need.  Cook has been there too let's not forget.


Clarke has had quite a lot to contend with this last year, not least the tragic death of Philip Hughes on the field, a team-mate and close friend, and as Australia captain Clarke had to be the very public face of the team in the inevitable aftermath.  Follow that with career-threatening injuries, and an astonishing loss of personal form, and I think by the time the Ashes were gone he knew it was his time, and probably took the decision out of the hands of those above him.


He has been a terrific player for Australia, an enviable record, and it would seem that he just saw this as the right moment to go and enjoy other aspects of his life.

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Yes, huge congratulations to an England side many people, including me, reckoned had little or no chance of regaining The Ashes in this series. Outstanding bowling by Broad and Stokes in this match, and quite right that Joe Root is now the world's No 1 batsman. Kevin who?


I think Boof is secure in his job as Aussie coach for now. Lest we forget, his side gave us an absolute hiding down under and it is not so long since the Aussies won the World Cup. I think what is emerging for them is a side that does not travel well but then that seems increasingly to be the norm in cricket.


It will be interesting to see if we are in the same boat, given that we are heading to the UAE to play Pakistan in a few months, who gave us a pasting on our last visit (or, more accurately, Saeed Ajmal gave us a pasting), then onto South Africa, still, I think, the best Test side in the world right now.   

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Not going very well on the 5th test at the Oval

Was a mistake giving Clarke a guard of honour on to the pitch on the first day. Says to the Australians we don't care the result of this match and showed far too much respect. At the end of the test would have been more appropriate.

We don't care but the Australians seem to do,

Looks like an embarrassing end to the test for England.:(

On a positive note nothing will take away the first day at Trent Bridge and we have the Ashes. :)

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Oh dear!! I have to agree with everything you have saide Clavain. Not a good couple of days for us but as you have said we have reagained The Ashes. The match feels a little to much of an after thought I think. With The Ashes decided any real intesity seems to have disappeared from the England team.

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