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LaunchCast Radio Station anyone?

Royal Rother

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Does anyone here have one?


I listen to mine a lot and having built up preferences and ratings over a couple of years, now have what is, in my opinion, a damned good radio station.


For those of you who don't know what I am talking about you select, and rate, favourite genres, favourite artists, albums, tracks etc. It then builds your profile and plays songs that either you have rated highly, or that someone else who has also rated some of your preferences highly, has rated that you haven't. That way you get introduced to new music.


So if you rate Bright Eyes at 100, but have never listened to Neutral Milk Hotel, if there is another member who has rated both at 100, it might play you some Neutral Milk Hotel. Same sort of thing as Amazon etc. do.


I have now rated about 500 artists and 3000 songs I think, and have been introduced to some great stuff that I would otherwise have likely remained ignorant of.


http://www.launchcast.co.uk will get you there I think. It's pretty intuitive, I mean I set mine up without any help....

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Well, I found the same thing last week, and eventually did log on, not sure how, then yesterday evening same thing happened, but in a different way, so I sent Yahoo a mail asking for help as I still wanted to listen to my old station. I then tried again, seconds after I'd sent the email, and it logged me in. It seems you have to keep trying and it gives up barring access after a few goes.



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Mmm, I tried following the UK link, and it seems that my station has all the data from the US one. 2 snags, though. No matter how long I waited, it simply would not "tune in," and although the UK version remembers all the artists, albums and songs that I have rated, most of them aren't available in the UK version!


I'll try again a few times.

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