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Hadn't thought about it before, but this is another reason I'm so glad you are 'rescuing' BGO - so that these tributes to David will still be available for us to read. And get us a bit damp around the eyes.

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Luna said previously that we were all “reeling” from David’s death but I was grieving. To all of you he was a friend and mentor that appeared as words on the screen. To me he started off as that, then he was my friend I shared gifts with and spoke to on the phone once a week. Then we made plans to meet and share a holiday. Then suddenly he was my friend who I last spoke to, dying in hospital, who seemed to have turned a corner. After I made friends with his mum, his tutor at his copywriting course. I cried with his mum over the phone, each of us not really understanding each other’s accents. 
I still think about him every day, I often wonder what he would say to all the changes in my life, and if I would have enjoyed my holiday on the coast with him. 

Even if BGO has closed in June we would have had a backup made for anyone who wanted it, so David wouldn’t have been lost a second time. 

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I wonder if any of you knew, David wrote quite a lot and he actually wrote a novel. He was always talking about or planning to send it to agents but had absolutely no confidence in it so kept putting it off. I think I may have the only copy now as I remember his mum and Joy, his copywriting tutor, trying but failing to get into his computer to sort out his affairs. It is set in an all girls school and there is a Scottish character in it. David asked me to re-write parts of her dialogue so that it would sound ‘authentic’. I tried to explain that I am pure, working class Glaswegian and I don’t have a clue how posh Scots girls who would go to a private boarding school would sound. He couldnt understand that! So the character is a very strange mix of Scottish! 

I have often considered about trying to get it published myself for David, but the fact that he never got round to sending it to anyone, and how intensely private he was makes me think he never wanted it to see that light of day, so  regretfully, it’ll stay on my laptop. 

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