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My Time: An Autobiography

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I've always had a passing interest in professional cycling. This curiosity and glancing admiration was put into sharp focus with Bradley Wiggins perfomance in the 2012 Tour de France. I've always been a very enthuistic spectator. In fact I can sit myslef down to watch any competitive sport for enjoyment.

From that TdF I began idly following the pro cycling events covered on TV (much more than you would think lately, with the 'cycling boom' caused by Wiggons' success). Of course this overlapped into this years race and watching Chris Froome pick up the torch from 'Sir Brad'.

As I watched this years TdF I thought it was high time I tried to educate myself on the sport as it was becoming obvious that something had clicked inside me beyond mere interest or admiration.

This book was my starting point.


It's written well enough, I can believe it is Wiggins voice narrating it all. There are some nice insigts into the inner workings of Team Sky and the Tour itself. The most interesting insights I found were those of the inner workings of his mind shortly before the beginning of, and during his definative time trail stage to clinch the Tour. The mental preparation and motivation was quite fascinating.


Wiggins does have a previous biography, which I'm guessing coveres his early life and career in a lot more detail. There are references and a few 'highlight packages' in there to give a bit of context, but the narrative mainly focusses on 2009-2012. An arc that covers a low point in his life to the highs of the Tour and Olympics.


This is an obvious read if you have a passing interest in cycling. No matter what your opinion of Wiggins is, he is a British sporting icon. I'm not sure if this book won me over to his personaitly. I think he is far too shy and private in himself to ever be fully open with the media or fans. But I have to admire how he manages to be himself despite his public image ascending so quickly. Reading this book didn't make me like him more, in fact it might have made me like him a little less, but I did get a great understanding of what it takes to suceed in the toughest physical endurance event in the world. The comitment and dedication that is needed is immense, and his sporting achievements in the space of a few weeks in the great sporting year of 2012 were the highlight, which is staggering in itself.


My version of this text was the Kindle edition. I have a feeling it had been updated in the beginning of this year in response to the 'Lance Armstrong Revelations'. What Wiggins has to say on the subject of doping in his sport is uncomprimising and ridgid, it was actually a good introduction for me to do further reading.

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