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Promoting BGO


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Now we've finally got our threads properly working with the appropriate authors attached, it's time to think about spreading the word about BGO!


It's been excellent seeing our recent new members join up, especially after spending so long having to keep sign-ups restricted.  I'd like to see many more, though!


Hazel and tagesmann have already been doing sterling work promoting us through Facebook and Twitter, and if you use those sites then don't forget to draw people's attention to our presence where appropriate.


But there are other things too.  Binker suggested an excellent idea to me a while ago - posting on authors' websites.  If you start a thread on an author's book and they have a website which allows comments then you could post with a link!  Obviously others who visit the site will be interested in books and they may well be tempted to join after visiting us.


Of course if your review judges the book to be a steaming pile of excrement then that probably isn't such a good idea.


Wherever you are online, think about whether BGO could get a mention.  But, the crucial point here is not to spam people.  We don't like it if people turn up just to sell their wares and I don't want BGO to get a reputation for that kind of approach.


Don't forget Krey's excellent bookmarks - you can always print off a number of them and leave them in library books or in strategic places!


And needless to say, if you have friends or family who enjoy reading, don't keep us a secret!


Any other good ideas for spreading the word?  Let's hear 'em...

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