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'You Choose' by Pippa Goodhart (Author) and Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)


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"A vast story-building kit that will appeal beyond Key Stage 1 thanks to Sharratt's funky images" (TES)


This book is based on a very simple idea. Each double page asks one question and then gives many of Nick Sharratt's witty drawings,

each of which suggests so much more to talk about. The book can be read time and time again with different stories and, of course this encourages imagination, vocabulary, story structuring and decision making.


My grandson is three and loves to give his own twist to stories. In other books he would point to, say, a penguin and tell us that today the penguin will be a giraffe in the story . . or a monkey and so on. So this book, bought when he was about two and a half, has been just what he wanted. He loves having the power to direct the story and will even choose for Mummy and Daddy if they let him. I think it will last a while. He's not tired of it yet and 'reads' from it to his little sister.


There's a follow up book out now, along the same lines, called 'Just Imagine'.


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You'll be reading it again all to soon it seems - Congratulations. I do hope I've got that right - I'm sure I just read 21 weeks on 'Pet Peeves'.


You did, angel, and thank you.


As a bedtime book, this also has the advantage for the reader as well as the listener that it can be different every night. It can get pretty tedious when they want to hear the same story night after night for weeks on end.

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