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Once a new member has built up 20 posts they are entitled to a signature - text and links at the bottom of every post they make.


We think signatures are a great idea - they allow members to share things which are important to them, such as links to their own blogs or reading lists, as well as to express their personality a little.  However, they can also be distracting and if too long can be a pain to scroll through - especially if someone with a long signature makes several contributions on the same page.


So the mods have agreed a set of signature rules which we would ask everyone to follow:


  • Only two lines of text.  If you have several reading list links these can easily come one after the other horizontally.
  • No links to commercial sites.
  • Font size no larger than the standard for posting - 14 point.
  • Choose any font you want from the options.
  • Colours are okay, but nothing too garish please!  If something is clearly trying to draw attention to itself then necessarily it's distracting when reading the page, which is what we're trying to avoid.
  • No images (this option has been disabled anyway).

Since I want this thread to be a clear space for the rules I'll close it, altering anything we need to over time.  If you'd like to discuss these rules please start a thread in Board Business and I'll link to it here.

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