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I had just finished reading this book earlier, and I just had to write a review about this absolute stunner of a book.


The story of this book was so gripping, so intense, it just grew on me to read on and know that Treo and Dave make it out the war to be okay. The story follows Dave Heyhoe, and his search dog Treo, who be sent out to Afghanistan to locate roadside bombs (IEDs), and during the time in Afghanistan, they would build miraculous bond with all of forces Dave and Treo been allocated with.


During reading this book, it has come to me how a friendship can strongly form into a loving relationship between man and dog. But as this relationship is going on, it would be amazing how strongly how tear-jerkingly sad it can be at one moment (some parts even brang a tear to my eye), and then how funny, and rebellious Treo can be at the next moment.


As me being an animal lover, I just certaintly had to buy this amazing book, I strongly reccommend this book to other animal lovers just like me.

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