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It might be an option to run several reads concurrently? So we could have a fantasy one for those of us who read fantasy with the 'main' one also running.


That seems like a good idea, say a fantasy, a classic and a modern novel, or some other combination but a little choice of genres.  Members could read all or some or whatever they thought would be of most interest.


Another possibility could be a quick lightweight  read and also a second longer more substantial book.

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I think with membership and participation at the levels they are, multiple simultaneous reads would risk having reads with only 3 or 4 people taking part and that doesn't help discussion, which is really what we're aiming for.


Why not just have two reads? I would appreciate a choice.  Maybe, as Grasshopper has said, different genres or have the top two in the same vote being taken up, it has been very close in the past? Some of you might want to read both. 

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