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Fantasy writing has grown very diverse in recent decades and the number of books so large* that it may be helpful to have some subsections in the main section. Please could we consider this as some future part of our reorganisation?

May I suggest in particular that we have a separate section for Urban Fantasy to cover authors such as Ben Aaronovitch, Jim Butcher, Simon R.Green, Kevin Hearne, China Meiville etc. This would also separate out and include all of the modern Vampire and Werewolf type series from Anne Rice to Charlaine Harris.

Our main fantasy sections would be the classics such as Tolkien, Raymond Feist and the quest type books. There may be different sub sections other fantasy readers would like to see.



*  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_urban_fantasy_novels



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I can understand your thinking there, grasshopper.  The thing is, about five years ago there was a major trimming down of the board.  There used to be many more categories - if you look down to pretty much any forum and see multiple categories, they will have once been separate, so Fantasy, and Myth.  It was generally thought this was a good thing because the board looked too crammed and was difficult to navigate.


I've been reminded of that all too strongly with the change to the new board since all those categories had not been deleted and so remained in the system.  It's been like wading through treacle to deal with the bloated lists in the forum management area.  Whilst you can't see them, Biography and Autobiography, for instance, has the following sub-sections: Artists, Business, Film and Acting, Great Men and Women, Historical, Music, Personal Memoirs / Unhappy Childhoods, Politics, Religion, Royalty, Science and Technology, Sport, Television and Celebrity, Theatre and the Performing Arts, Writers.  I'm still working through deleting all these things.


I think a forum like this has to choose a fine balance.  It has to have enough specificity to enable people to home in on the things they like, but it also needs to remain general enough to be quickly and easily usable.  If we did that sort of thing in Fantasy we'd need to do it in other genres too, because it would look very odd otherwise.


But, what I would suggest is that you use the tagging system to flag up these categories.  That keeps the board easy to navigate but people interested in, say, urban fantasy, will be able to see which authors have that tag.

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Thank you David, I had no idea about all those other sub categories and understand completely. Glad to tag but can't find a symbol or directions, please could someone point me in the right direction? Does it work something like the # in Twitter?

I suspect that a huge chunk of Fantasy postings has been lost or else interest has dropped, just going by the dates.




You just pipped me to the posting, Luna!

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Another reason not to subdivide too much is that posts in obscure divisions will simply never be read. For example, Booker Perize Winner Wolf Hall got placed in Historical and Romance - a division that has not seen a new post since February. As it goes, Wolf Hall did attract some discussion, but had it been in one of the areas that got higher traffic (e.g. 21st Century Fiction) it might have got a whole lot more. I tend to start threads in genre fiction threads only if there's absolutely no doubt that the book sits in that genre.

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