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If you have joined Book Group Online to advertise something, please take note of the following:


Can I advertise my book?


If you're an author, or someone looking to promote a book on someone's behalf, you can tell our members about it.  Please don't try to do this by pretending to be someone unconnected with the book who has just stumbled across it.  These posts are always very obvious and immediately deleted.


Book promotions can only happen in Writers' Corner and you will find our guidelines about posting here...


Can I advertise something book-related?


If there is an event connected with books or something you genuinely feel our members would benefit from knowing about then send a private message to one of our moderators explaining what it is.  You will only be able to post about it with permission, otherwise it will be deleted immediately.


Can I advertise anything else?


No.  All advertising is removed immediately and the poster banned.

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