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Posting in this Forum - Book Promotion


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If you're an author or someone seeking to promote a book then you are welcome to tell our members about it.  However, there are guidelines we ask you to follow:


  1. Please be open and honest about who you are and your connection with the book.  Posts in which people pretend to be ordinary readers who've found this wonderful book they want to tell us about are always very obvious and deleted.
  2. Don't just copy and paste the book's blurb.  This is a forum, not an advertising board, so we want people to write in a more personal way.
  3. Please don't provide links for purchase.  The board's income is from our Amazon links and these are the only sales links we permit.  If you contact me with the details of the book I will create BGO Amazon links for you.
  4. Please don't create multiple threads for different books.  One thread per author.
  5. Please don't bump threads or post repeatedly with very minor additional information to keep the thread high up the forum.

Sorry be so proscriptive, but plenty of people have abused this in the past.  Fundamentally this board is for readers, but so long as writers and publishers respect our rules, we're happy to let them tell us about their books.

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