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Change-a-Letter Book Titles

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Lost Office - Charles Bukowski

After months of lock down with Covid 19 . office workers found it hard to find their way back. Contains shocking testimonies..

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On 01/08/2020 at 08:38, chuntzy said:

The Old Man and the Tea - Ernest Hemingway


All those years she put the kettle on  at three and warmed the pot. I didn't have the heart to tell her I preferred coffee.






Sorry but still laughing at this one :)


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Girl, Woman, Otter - Bernardine Evaristo (Winner of the Booker prize 2019)

Striking confessional - the story of a young girls friendship and her life with Snippy the otter.

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The travellers sweated their way along the road from Lima. It was supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip on a heritage railway but a landslide meant they had to walk the final couple of miles. 

Foot-weary and parched, with great relief they saw ahead The Fridge of San Luis Rey






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