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I'm a fan of Kristin Hersh and her bands, Throwing Muses and Fifty Foot Wave.


Kristin has come up with an innovative method of financing here music.


Subscribers known as Strange Angels, subscribe and pay $30 per quarter. For this they receive: 2 spots on the guest list to any Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses or 50 Foot Wave performances; all new CDs, when they’re manufactured, ahead of the release date; access to a subscriber’s page featuring demos, bootlegs, video links, and more.


Kristin Hersh receives a regular income which allows her to maintain what she calls a lower middle class standard of living. He husband is a university lecturer so contributes significantly to the family's income.


Kristin records a new album (solo or band) when she has enough capital, then later on mixes the album and finally releases the album. All stages are dependent on contributions and income.


In the meantime, "Strangles" and fans have access to (free vua Creative Commons) demo versions of her music here http://www.kristinhersh.com/Releases/spark/


For more information see http://www.kristinhersh.com/mailing-list/strangeangels/


This is the future people...

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I am also a fan, and have been since Throwing Muses released their debut in 1986. I remember particularly a Muses show at what was then the Town & Country Club in Kentish Town in 1988, when they were supported by another Boston band who had a tubby shouty frontman and an nonchalantly cool female bassist. Pixies, I believe they were called... 


I don't know about you, tag, but I'd point the curious towards her first solo record Hips and Makers as the best introduction to her songwriting. I was wondering if she was still making new music, having not heard anything for a while.


I'm not sure about this model as the future of new bands just starting out, but it is certainly a way for those who have built up the kind of loyal following known as cult status, as Kristin Hersh has. Sites such as Kickstarter and Pledge Music have helped other bands fund their music like this too.   

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