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Warnings System


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We've already had a group decision about the Reputation system, which we've decided isn't really appropriate to BGO.


But since the new board launched (was it only yesterday...?) probably the most comments have been made about the warning system.


The principle behind this is that people who behave badly on the board are issued points for their 'infractions' by the mods.  These can build up, and obviously the bigger the perceived offence the more points someone gets.


After so many points action is taken, which could be temporary suspension from the forum or even an outright ban.


I guess it's intended to formalise proceedings, much like written warnings in employment.  Perhaps it's even supposed to objectify the process of disciplining errant members, but I'm not sure about that - awarding a number only puts a sheen of objectivity on what can ultimately be quite subjective decisions.


I think the main benefit to it is making it clear to people that things are getting serious and they need to change their approach to board conduct if they want to stick around.  People have commented on the public display of the warning field in their profile details beside posts, but as iff has pointed out, that doesn't have to be the case.


Anyway, in short this is something I wanted to discuss with the mods first, since it's obviously all about how we moderate the board.  Not everyone has been able to reply to that yet, but the majority are now of the opinion that this isn't for us.


We've been lucky on BGO - we've very rarely had problems.  If we were a board where troublemaking was a common event then I might well think differently.  But this doesn't seem in keeping with how we've done things.  When we need to intervene on the board we have done, and for sure there have been some showdowns over the years.  But usually we have been able to deal with unpleasant situations behind the scenes and bring about peaceful resolutions.


This has unquestionably been in our favour.  I think it makes for a more human, civilised board, and I certainly think if we'd gone for such an approach in the past we probably wouldn't have a current member who I consider to be one of the most valuable in our community.


So, the recommendation from us is that we don't keep the warning system but instead continue with the approach we've always taken - make a public stand where it's important to do so but try to deal with things behind the scenes and keep members where we possibly can.


But if you disagree please let us know if you think the warnings system is worth a try - obviously people on other boards have seen this in action and maybe they have a different perspective.

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As I have two warning points already, I think it's a terrible idea and if you don't like this reply I may get some more and how many before I'm banished??   Then I think I will sue you.


Also I really would love to know how I earned them. I got a lot of detentions in school for talking too much and I haven't improved, but you can't actually hear me and suffer, so it can't be that -   maybe all those emoticons I just found and used?


Seriously, I really don't think BGO needs a  public humiliation system - I think our board is well able to sort out any problems.


Most worthy moderators -  please will you take my points away?  :notworthy

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 I have two warning points already,..

Most worthy moderators -  please will you take my points away?  :notworthy

I have no idea why you have two dots under your name by that post, but as the Warnings facility has been removed and none of us had used it (AFAIK) I don't think it can be that. I don't know why "staff" have stars under their names, either.

There's a lot we still have to discover here.

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Are the stars corresponding to the amount of posts you have? David has 3 and has over 10,000 posts...

I think this post by luna http://www.bookgrouponline.com/topic/7076-new-site-problems-post-them-here/?p=137114

posted in another thread might be the answer to the question of the stars. I have asked about the dots (pips?) under grasshopper's name in the Welcome to the New BGO! thread

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