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It seems that this "like" button isn't available on mobile though! If it was, I'd like both your comments, Meg and David!




We had a number of discussion threads soon after the new board launched about things we wanted to keep and things we wanted to ditch.  We decided in the end that we didn't want to keep the like buttons and the whole reputation system, which didn't feel entirely BGO.  So they've been disabled.

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Oh my goodness - while the mods were asleep, this thread and others were taken over by spam.

Momac, thanks for being alert. I have deleted your posts relating to the spam as they won't make sense now and will delete this one later.


Hi MM - the spammer is on several times on the Book Titles thread - about 5 or 6 posts - I wonder how that one sneaked in, we seemed to be free and clear of that since January unless you Mods have been cleaning up as they appear.  They are a real nuisance aren't they!  

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I do everything for this site on my IPhone. Don't even have Internet at my home. I usually go to the full version rather than the mobile one since its easier to navigate. The Amazon thing is a bit of a pain because it flips to that site and I can't just return. Sometimes I can get back thru my history page, but I've still lost a lot of posts and had to go back and re-write them. Mostly in the habit now of expanding the page and putting the button right at the very bottom so my fat fingers don't hit the wrong thing.

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Yes there is, Momac. At the bottom right hand side next to the multi quote button. It's greyed out but there.

ironically, if you are on a mobile, you don't have a report button :D


tagesmann - it is with this forum software that it is so it was when we did the changeover.

another forum i use is on the same software so the mobile versions look the same

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