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Welcome to the New BGO!


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It was a great idea but I don't need recognition as a partner - particularly if that's not a status that new members could ever attain. I was just glad to be able to contribute alongside so many other members. 


The real partners will be those who post on an ongoing basis. Sure we need money to set the site up but we need posts to make the site breathe. 


Wot he said. Plus, over time clicking on Amazon, members are going to contribute to BGO as much as Partners did so why single us out? It's kind of an elite tier of members that people would find off-putting.

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Hmmmm.  It was how I was going to identify Partners.  Plus, if I'm honest, I anticipated leaving that as something which could end up leading to more confrontation along the line as people choose dodgy titles.  Because people can sometimes be naughty like that...


Nevertheless, all right - let's give it a whirl.


Never thought of that.  Then again we do have a whole team of mods who are very capable, imho, and I promise to be very careful indeed with mine.

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Okay, whilst it certainly was a good idea I'm convinced from what people say here and elsewhere that many Partners might feel a bit embarrassed by being set apart and that it may feel like an off-putting special group.  We'll leave things as they are.


But we should never forget that without those donations that would have been the end of BGO, and I will always be grateful to those contributors.

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Aayeeh! My apologies. BGO's great new look confused me and I thought I was on the FB site. I think I'll toddle off now and clean my glasses, and perhaps my eyeballs and maybe even dust off some of my grey matter <sigh>




No worries, Ailecornum!  And a bit of lace around the edge of the site would undoubtedly add a touch of class to the place!  ;)

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