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Sci-fi comics aren't normally my thing but having looked at this in the school library, I knew I wanted to read more.


Two worlds in the galaxy, Wreath and Cleave, and the residents are in opposition. But two soldiers on opposing sides fall in love and have a baby. Now both sides are after them and they must find somewhere safe in the galaxy to raise their family.


Star-crossed lovers indeed and nothing startingly new, but the dialogue and the characters will grab hold of you and it makes for gripping reading. Over the normal dialogue the baby narrates the story of her parents and tells us where the story is going to go.


On a personal note, I was overjoyed to see that they call their alien-hybrid-saviour baby Hazel. Genius.

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Sounds worth a read, so have ordered the first volume. Had I seen your post sooner I could have bought it when I was in Forbidden Planet yesterday (which is about the only shop that tempts me to drive into the centre of Bristol these days).

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Cool - I like Forbidden Planet for a browse, but hell, they are damned expensive and you have to push past fanboys the whole way round the shop. I browse there then buy on Amazon.


I liked this book Mark, enough to continue with the series. The dialogue is fairly 'earthy' and modern which saves it from being too sci-fi.

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