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BGO Downtime


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Sorry, folks, for the unexpected downtime. You'll have seen messages about our having gone over bandwidth limits, which I knew couldn't be the case so soon into a new contract.


Unfortunately, this problem coincided with a problem with our host's email client, which meant he didn't receive my emails about it. Plus he himself is in the process of moving house and so wasn't in his office to just check in anyway.


Pretty much a perfect storm of circumstances, then.


I left a message on his answerphone, which meant he was finally alerted to the situation. Apparently some of our settings at the new server had been carried over from our previous host, which is what led to the shutdown. These have now been changed and we should be fine again.


Phew! As you were, everyone!

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That was scary - lets hope things go more smoothly from now on!

Well we shouldn't have any more situations like that at least! There is still the hurdle of the transfer to IP Board itself. That isn't going to be straightforward, so we need some communal crossed fingers!

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