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And so it begins...


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"The time has come," the Admin said,

"To talk of many things:

Of moving hosts and forum builds

Of cabbages and kings..."


Well, we'll talk about the cabbages and kings later, perhaps, but with apologies to Carroll it's now time!


Our new host is ready to move us and this is going to happen some time today.


Importantly, this means there is going to be downtime for the forum. We might not reappear for everyone for up to 48 hours after the switch is made - so don't panic, we won't have vanished without trace again, but it will be a short while before we're back up.


Those of you who've posted on the social media channels, I'd be grateful if you could do so again with this advisory note and... I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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(As David is offline) My understanding is that this is just the first part of the process: the existing board, forums etc have been moved to a new web host. So the same address, http://www.bookgrouponline.com/forum, points to the same forum as always. With the addition that just using http://www.bookgrouponline.com, which hasn't worked for months, now works again. And of course the most exciting difference, that this web hosting is entirely under our control, meaning that the big changes eg change to the new forum software, can now go ahead.


So the short answer is, er, no! :)

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