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Motson's World Cup Extravaganza

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Restored Thread


24th November 2011, 03:33 PM



Subtitled 'Football's Greatest Drama 1930-2006,' these snippets of scandal, official idiocy and strange happenings will interest only the aficionados of the game - and even then, not for long. As a work of reference the book is next to useless, being disordered and scrappy, with no index or logical sequence. Apart from brief accounts of major encounters of long ago, the longest snippet - of 3 paragraphs - is on the theft of the World Cup.


John Motson, known as 'the BBC's Voice of Football' should do better than put his name to this random series of 'happenings' with its smart unfunny headlines such as 'Wingless Wonder,' 'Rest Home' and 'The Return of Socrates.'

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