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If you're in or near Cambridge...


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...I'd like to recommend a play written by a friend of mine, which is being performed for three days this week at the Michaelhouse Theatre in Cambridge. I saw a play reading of it a while back, and it is very thoughtful, witty and gives a great insight into a man who lived his life, and also died, through his principles.


Here is the official blurb:


From a writer on BBC's 'Have I Got News For You' and ITV's '2DTV' comes a new comedy with the support of the Cambridge University Classics Faculty.


Girton Amateur Dramatics presents an Eros Production



by Colin Swash


22 June - 24 June 7.45pm at Michaelhouse


Tickets are only available at the Cambridge Arts Theatre box office. For advance bookings call the box office tel: 01223-503333


The trial of Socrates is one of the most infamous events of Western history. Socrates was found guilty and executed for corrupting the youth of Athens. But was it true? Was it just? Was it uncivilised?


This new comedy play receives its world premiere in Cambridge. It imaginatively re-invents the personal and political circumstances beyond the known historical record. This classy play explores the human drama behind Socrates' trial as well as wryly raising larger questions that resonate with present times.


How could the trial of Socrates happen in a free society? What is the nature of our freedom? What is the character of our democracy? When they come into conflict which do we hold more dear? 'The Man Who

Argued Himself to Death' sets out with wit and style to examine these questions with an ironic nod to the past and a satirical wink to the present.


Witness the prosecution this June.

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