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FREE BOOK OFFER - The Lady Soldier by Jennifer Lindsay


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We are privileged to have a growing number of authors as members of Book Group Online. One of the first to join was Kate Allan back in early January, who mentioned then that her first novel to be published, The Lady Soldier, was coming out in late May. This novel is written with written with Michelle Styles under the name Jennifer Lindsay. It is a historical novel, set in 1812, about a woman disguised as a man fighting the French under the Duke Of Wellington.


Kate has consulted with her publishers, and they are happy to send out a free copy to any BGO member who volunteers for one. Given that the RRP is £17.99, this is very good news. Following the success of our first "Book Group With Author Present"TM, featuring Tom Cox's Educating Peter, this will follow a similar pattern. If members could first of all post a message on this thread to say that they would like a copy, and then let me know their names and addresses, either by PM or email (click on Contact Us at the top of the page). If you volunteered for a copy of either Educating Peter or Some Place Else, you don't need to send your address again; just mention that in your message.


After a week or so, I will set up a forum in the Book Groups area called The Lady Soldier by Jennifer Lindsay, although it will obviously take longer for most people to read it. Then Kate, and hopefully Michelle as well, will take an active part in any discussions about the book which follow.


This is the first novel we've featured in the "Book Group With Author Present"TM, and hopefully it will be the first of many.


Here's the publihser's synopsis of The Lady Soldier:

"Spain, 1812. Jem Riseley is the perfect soldier in Wellington's army: brave, skilled and daring but also a gently-born lady! A battlefield promotion provides Jem with the means of escape from a sadistic major, but leaves her with the problem of Captain Tony Dorrell. Jem must convince the handsome but jaded captain, who knew her as a lady, that she's the man she seems. When the pair are trapped behind French lines, Jem has to battle the enemy as well as her rekindled desire for Tony. From the dangers of war-torn Spain to scandal in London's elegant drawing rooms, Jem will fight to preserve her secret. However, the reappearance of an old adversary causes Jem to confront her past in order to save her own, and England's, future."


There is a brief discussion of the writing of The Lady Soldier here:




and in other threads in Author's Corner - Fiction.


You can also check out the book's website http://www.theladysoldiercom, as well as Kate's personal website http://www.kateallan.com.


Sign up today! Please don't hesitate too long, as the sooner we know the numbers, the sooner we can arrange to have the copies sent out.

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Me too please! You have my address already.


I remember having a look at the synopsis of this book when Kate first mentioned it a few months ago, but completely forgot about it til now! I thought back then that I'd like to read it, so this is a great oppertunity! :)

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Yes, please - you have my address already.


I've not ever read much historical fiction - but then the 2 previous giveaway books (Tom Cox and Alan Harris) weren't my "type" either, and I've enjoyed both. Apart from the fact that I get to plug records and football (oh - and books!), the thing I really appreciate about BGO is the number of books I've read in the last 7 months that I would not have considered trying had someone on here not recommended them. I've just checked, and 4 of the 13 I've read this year were the result of BGO members' comments, and 2 others were the giveaways.

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