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The Magus

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Nicholas Urfe is a fairly typical young man, fairly intelligent and attractive he drifts from job to job, meaningless relationship to meaningless relationship. When offered a job in a remote island of Greece he quickly jumps on board despite having many reservations, including his recent off-on relationship with Allison.

Once in Greece he becomes quickly board with his teaching job and explores the remote areas of the island, discovering Conchis a reclusive millionaire he quickly becomes entangled in a mind game. Meeting many figures whose identity and stories change, develop and fall back on themselves Nicholas is placed in the middle of an experiment/game.

As a reader I wanted to scream at him not to return, not to ask so many questions, just to enjoy the beautiful girls, to stop being blind etc and yet like him I would learn a new story and quickly accept this despite being aware that a few pages later all would unravel.

Well worth a read and certainly an author I will be picking up again sometime soon.

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