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Will we be able to move with BGO or is it pledgers only?

Aw Luna - everyone is always welcome! We're certainly not becoming a closed community. Indeed, I'm hugely looking forward to being able to open our doors properly again and not keep just a 2-hour window for people to register every evening. That's done us no good at all, frankly, in terms of raising membership.


The move is only going to be to a new server. BGO will remain unchanged, though I will then be able to send out an email to all members, which I hope will help gather those last few pledges. Once the money is fully gathered we will then undergo our transformation into BGO MkII - where everyone is welcome.

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I'm very pleased to announce our developer will be starting work on converting the site to IP Board later this week with a test upgrade. Nothing will change here - this is a safe 'dry run' to establish that everything will work. But we're very nearly there, folks!



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Exciting times!

If it's exciting for you, waawo, imagine what it's like for us old hands who've been waiting years for a forum upgrade! This has been a loooong time in the cooking!


Anyway, first stage of testing has been successfully completed. In many ways this was the part I feared most because the forum is so old I wasn't sure how well it would stand up to the process of moving to something modern.


However, I'm pleased to report there appear to have been only minor problems which our developer has been able to resolve, so it's looking good!

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