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The Wooden Tongue Speaks - New Subscribers' Offer

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A new year brings a new subscribers' offer!


I hope we will be able to develop a relationship with a new publishing company, Honest Publishing, founded last year. They describe themselves as, "a new British independent book publisher of both fiction and non-fiction. Founded by three friends in 2010, the company strives to publish alternative, original voices, and to provide an audience for unique writers neglected by the mainstream."


Many people on BGO like to explore new writing that's different from their usual fare, and this seems like the ideal company to provide just that.


Very kindly, Honest Publishing has agreed to provide us with up to 10 digital copies of The Wooden Tongue Speaks, by Bogdan Tiganov. This is a collection of short stories and poetry set in post-Ceauşescu and post-cold war Romania, offering a warts-and-all view of the country from its exiled author.


You can read more about this book here.


The e-books are available to subscribers with the usual condition that you make it a priority read and post a review. I made it clear to Honest Publishing that BGO readers are always open with their opinions and if they didn't like it they would say so. Their reply was that they welcome this - hence the name of the company!


If you would like to benefit from this generous offer pop a reply in here and I'll send you a link to the page from where we can download our 10 copies.

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heck as there's only been 2 taker uppers of it so far, why not? plus it would fit in with one of my reading aspirations of the year


so count me in :)

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