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Eurovision Song Contest

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Add, for the German audience, the indispensably acid remarks of our TV commentator after each song that are more notorious here than the ESC proper. I use to say that we are watching the contest not to listen to the songs but to laugh about his instant critics. His comment after the Albanian song was, "At least three items on this stage are performing flawlessly: the pyrotechnics, the wind machine and the background screen."

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Eurovision was a tradition in our house when I was a little kid, I remember it being religiously watched and followed.  But bear in mind this was back in its heyday when everyone was genuinely interested not just watching it to take the piss.


I try not to watch it now, because I am just not interested, but that proves to be impossible as my husband for some unknown reason insists on watching every year, he says its just to see how badly we do, he puts it on the sky planner every year and he listens to each song for a few moments and then fast forwards through them if he doesn't like them, the bit he likes the best is the voting though, and he plays guess the votes, seeing how blatantly political the voting gets. 

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