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Trying to remember the title/author of a short horror story


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I read a short horror story years ago that was about a man who suspects his wife is cheating on him when he finds out another man has been paying visits to their house when he's not there. He decides to take revenge. He drugs his wife with something that makes it seem as though she's dead, then he sews her lips shut and her hands to her chest. He orders that she be cremated. She wakes up just as the coffin is sliding towards the flames. It turns out in the end that she wasn't cheating on him at all, but trying to arrange some kind of surprise for him (I think it was a party) and the 'strange man' coming to her house was just a party planner or a delivery man or something like that.

It's a pretty horrid story, and I had a nightmare lately that reminded me a bit of it. Funny how things like that can stay with you for years then pop up out of nowhere.

If anyone knows the story's title or author, please let me know. I hate it when I can't remember things like that. I've googled variations of the plotline, and posted the question on Yahoo Answers, but no joy.

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