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Time of my life

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I picked up this book in my local library. It was under best sellers. In a kind of spur of the moment I picked it up and toke it home with me.

On beginning to read this book it gave you an interesting insight into Patrick's life. Who he is, where he has come from and how he has got where he was. The book then develops more edge, when the story of how he met his wife, Lisa Niemi and the almost magicial adventure they embarked on together.

He gives you stories that make you smile, and stories that make you laugh about some of his famous friends. He tells you about the makings off some of his most famous movies, such as Dirty dancing and ghost. I found out many things I didn't know about the makings of these movies and I am grateful for this as I love both films.

Towards the end, and the diagnosal of his cancer. The book becomes more serious and teary. He begins to appreciate life more, and question why such a bad thing has happened. There are teary moments in the book which are very sad and touching such as Patrick's and Lisa's words to each other which are very sweet without being cringey.

It is a must read for Swayze fans, or even just biography/auto-biography fans.

I would rate it 4/5 a good book. Touched me, and gripped me but in some parts of the story it didn't manage to engage me.

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