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The Escape Artist

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I was updating my reading list and got nosey and decided to see what is on other people's reading and one i noticed was this book on someone's intended reading list and so i decided it was worth starting a thread


I read this back in 2006, style wise, the is really well written. Mr. Seaton in his writing was fantastic


it charts his love affair with his bike and how he has used it as an escape tool. after a stressful day for me, i find nothing better then to take it out on the frame of my bicycle.


for both me and him, the bicycle is a form of release. this is given away in the title so i don't think it's a spoiler :)


i feel this is one of the best books based on bicycles i've read and i think it might be due a reread although the third policeman by flann o'brien is a good contender as well :D (i can see 10 cycling books in general from where i'm sitting)


it deals with both recreational and sporting as well as the ups and downs of life in general. i did consider putting it as "lifestyle"

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