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I've always been rather fascinated with the media icon that is Oprah Winfrey so I was quite interested to hear that Kelly was coming out with an unauthorised biography. Though if you know anything about Oprah, saying 'unauthorised' is practically redundant. She's never put out an autobiography - though she had done a deal to do so several years back. After writing it she didn't feel comfortable publishing it and her friends also suggested that perhaps she had been too truthful in the book - unnecessarily so. This has left an obvious hole in the market for such a book - and Kelly sure has some balls to even attempt this considering how far up the big O's arse most publishing houses are in America.


The book delivers a few choice nuggets of information, from her own family (though drug issues make some of the reports suspect) most often. It gives many examples of Miss Winfrey acting like a total diva and treating people like dirt. More interesting - it does get into the snake pit atmosphere of Harpo studios, where all her touchy feely stuff goes right out the window in favour of non-disclosure contracts and hyper vigilance over every single aspect of her life.


None of this really surprised me, nor really should it surprise many that one of the richest woman in the world- and one of the first to every run her own studio isn't exactly the prettiest picture on the inside, though she tries so hard to show us otherwise. But I thought the book was unnecessarily negative in tone. From the get-go, it seemed clear to me that the intent of it was to take Oprah down a few pegs. And I didn't see why this was necessary unless you didn't like Oprah to begin with. All these stories, all the anecdotes from former friends, family members, employees, etc... could just have easily been told without the accompanying glee at telling them to begin with. Especially in regard to some of her business practices - I felt Kelly frowned upon, or at least put a negative light on some of her choices that frankly were just that - business decisions that any other astute person would make. Kelly seems to imply that because they weren't based in friendly sentimentality that there is something wrong with Oprah.


And is there something wrong with Oprah? Certainly more than what Oprah lets us see on tv - but couldn't anyone have surmised that already? I suppose we have a few more details on the 'wrong'; her issues with race, drugs, sex, and race, but I don't think this book is going to be putting a dent into the Oprah franchise any time soon.

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