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I'll Never Be Young Again


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I'll Never Be Young Again was Daphne Du Maurier's second book.

(from Fantastic Fiction)As far as his father, an accomplished poet, is concerned, Richard will never amount to anything, and so he decides to take his fate into his own hands. But at the last moment, he is saved by Jake, who appeals to Richard not to waste his life. Together they set out for adventure, jumping aboard the the first ship they see and working their passage to Norway and around Europe, eventually to bohemian Paris, where Richard meets Hesta, a captivating music student ...


His treatment of her is very selfish and, having introduced her to fun and sex, his later neglect causes her to seek her 'fun' elsewhere. Richard (Dick) eventually has to grow up, and leave his life of self indulgence.


Although this book has some wonderful descriptive passages, especially in the 'Jake' section, I disliked Dick so much that it was a struggle to keep reading it.

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I just pulled this off the bookshelf, thinking I had not read it.Very soon I started to recognise bits, and also quickly become very annoyed with the self-centred whinging of "Dick".

It is a relief to discover that I had read it, all of it, eight years ago, so don't have to struggle on hoping that something would happen to make it more readable.

Sorry Daphne, much as I have enjoyed reading and re-reading many of your other books, I can't bear to re-read this one.

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I have read a number of books by this author and loved them.  I have not read any for a number of years and I was considering revisiting her work as I am sure that there are books written by her that I have not read. Having read your comments Meg I think that I will give this one a miss!

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