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The blurb intrigued me for this book - from Amazon

Jessica Allendon is bored and Googles her name. Weirdly, she finds another girl, same age, same name, also living in London. They arrange to meet. At the designated time and place, Jess sees the girl, shock registering on both their faces as they realise they look identical. They shake hands and in that instant are catapulted into each other's worlds. Jessica finds herself somewhere which looks like the London of 50 years ago, but the year is still 2008. In this parallel London, the history is different, key war memorials are missing, and the Jessica whose life she now inhabits was involved in a dark and sinister conspiracy. Jess must convince everyone she is the same girl, at all costs, if she wants to get back to her London - alive.

I was rather disappointed though. I didn't find Jess all that believable. She finds herself instantly in this alternative world, and because it is so oldfashioned she looks out of place right away and gets abuse for it - however, not one of the people who knew the alternate Jess realise she isn't the same person....I didn't really believe they wouldn't stop her and just say 'what the hell is going on?!' and that she manages to fit in for a while - I just found that unbelievable. The alternate world is quite interesting, we're never quite sure what is going on, it seems like maybe Germany won world war 1 or that the UK is basically is a fascist state or World War One never ended, it isn't really clear. I'm not sure if this means we're going to get a series. Pretty average and doesn't do much as a book in itself, is squarely aimed at this age range. I'd recommend City of Ember or The Hunger Games instead tbh!

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