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Somebody Loves Us All

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This book is about...lots of things


Language is at the heart of Wilkins' latest novel. Speech also. How do you pronounce the word 'language'? How does your tongue make the sound? And how weird is the word tongue anyway?


Supposedly a mid-life crisis novel this is anything but. Paddy Thompson is turning fifty but very happy. He's bought an apartment on the fifth floor in in a newly built apartment block in Wellington, and also moved his mother into the flat next door.


He's a speech therapist is Paddy, and much of the novel revolves around his patients. However, his mother one day wakes up and starts speaking avec une accent Francois and that throws him off kilter..


I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who doesn't live in Wellington, NZ. We're a small town and if you don't live here (or maybe Lower Hutt) you wouldn't get the most out of it. Really, it's one of those books that is "World famous in New Zealand" and the location is really what sells it for me.


One bonus point to the poetry lover who can name the poem that the title came from.

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