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The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron


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Since this post is about a book it probably should have gone under one of the other categories but it's about creativity in general so I just couldn't figure out where to put it. I started reading it a couple of days ago and today was my first day attempting to put the exercises into practise and I already feel a little more positive.


The book is about unlocking the creativity in everyone by following simple exercises laid down over the course of twelve weeks. By creativity, the author is not necessarily referring to painting/writing/sculpture, though I'm sure these artists form the majority of readers. The kind of creativity the book refers to uses the word in its loosest possible sense and from what I understand relates to a fresh way of looking at your life and what you want from it and actually getting out there and doing/being whatever it is you really want. Just as well really, as I'm not artist/writer etc.; I just have the feeling that I'd like to find some way to express myself better.


I'm surprised I'm even giving this a try because the spiritual-hippy-dippy language is not really my thing and it is no mean feat to remain "open", as Julia Cameron advises.


Anyway, I have my doubts in my ability to remain disciplined enough to actually finish the twelve weeks, but the positive first morning is a start and I'll post back on how it goes. Has anyone else tried this book?



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this book is amazing.


even the quotes on the side are inspiring!


I was so relieved to discover that what my family does--triangulating--is SUPPOSED to be crazymaking.


you're right, it's hard to know where exactly to niche this book.


are you writing 20 minutes every day?

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I dipped into this book a few months ago. I found the whole thing a bit too 'touchy-feely' for my liking, although I did try to do the free-writing thing first thing every morning. If you have a full-time job, I didn't find it particularly practical. However, there are definitely some good ideas in there, perhaps for me personally it'd work better if they weren't shrouded in the big spiritual thing!!

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