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Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide

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The Witchfinder - link to Amazon webpage


This title isn't out until March but here's a heads-up and an advanced review! I did feel bad about writing a bad review of a new writer and a new book but all the Amazon feeback is positive so you can look at those too for balance if you wish! Plus what holds more weight, me not liking it here or 10 people giving it 5 stars on Amazon? :rolleyes:

Bearing in mind I don't read horror...and I was *trying* to like it, I really didn't enjoy this book. It starts off really well actually, the prologue and first few chapters were good but overall I felt it needed to be simplified, like there were about 8 strands to the story and it needed to only have 1 or 2. Some parts got repetitive - there were a couple of times where the same thing was explained twice, or where the event was described then a character described the event to someone else 3 pages later - I think the author might have been let down by the editing in these one or two places! And then some significant or complicated bits that were a bit skimmed over. I thought there were good ideas in there, they just needed to be brought out more. Oh, and it is suitably gory, right from the off, so that's great if you like that!

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Cathy and I have had a chat about this one on PM, and I'm pleased to say that I didn't dislike it as much as she does! I'm not with the Amazon reviewers and their 5 star reviews though.


I think this is a book that will appeal to fans of Anthony Horowitz's "Power of 5" series, as it's similar enough in style and theme but without being a carbon copy.


I read it quite quickly, and have given my pre-publication copy to one of my Chatterbooks group members (12 year old boy). It will be interesting to see what he says - if indeed he reads it!


It's the first in a planned trilogy - I may read the second one, although if I do it'll probably be as an audio read.

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I bought my daughter this book and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She is a huge fan of Darren Shan and is currently waiting for the last book of the Demonata series to come out in paperback. To fill the space I bought her Witchfinder and she is now looking forward to the second book. It did not grab her as quickly as the two Darren Shan series (Cirque Du Freak & Demonata) did, but after she had read a couple of chapters she became completely engrossed in it. She has now recommended it to all her friends that also read Darren Shan.

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