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Introduction to the BGO Bookgroup


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Welcome to the relaunched BGO Book Group.


This post is to summarise how the group will work this year.

We plan to have read four books this year with three months between each read. Hopefully this will avoid any pressure and give plenty of time to get hold of a copy and read the book. To make things even less pressured we will start the process for choosing the next book as soon as we have agreed on the current book.


It would be helpful if the person who nominates a book has already read it. This will benefit the group in two ways. First the nominated book will come highly recommended. And second, the nominator will be able to start the discussion of book by offering their views. If possible some questions to focus people's reading would stimulate the conversation.


Once sufficient books have been nominated, the voting will open to choose the book that will be read. Nobody is obliged to participate in a particular read but if you've voted for a book then you should read it and take part.


Anybody can start the discussion about the book. There will be two threads discussing the book. The first to raise issues that occur to you while you are reading the book and the second, a more general discussion about the book once you have read it.


So that’s it (I think).


These "rules" are a result of a discussion about the future of the book group read that took place here. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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After discussions the moderators and I have agreed that we will limit the number of threads about the current book to two. One to discuss the book while it is being read and the other to discuss the book once finished.


What we are trying to avoid is multiple threads which can hamper the natural flow that grows out of a long conversation. Discussions can become confused and it is easy to miss someone’s views if people post their thoughts in different threads.


This will also help those who don't like to post until they have read the book.


I've added this change to the above post.

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