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Homicide: based on the TV Show "The Wire"

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First off let me start by saying I have not enjoyed a T.V series as much as this other than House and The Sopranos. That being said if I'm put on the spot I have to pick "The Wire" as my favourite down to the simple fact it is so absorbing on so many levels and the characters all seem as integral as each other to the story.


Anyway I was wondering, can anyone who has both seen the TV show and read the book tell me if there is a significant difference between the two. If the story differs then I will definetly be reading this in the near future.

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The book is a non-fiction account of the year that David Simon spent following a Baltimore homicide squad. As such, there's no story as such, no characters, just a fantastic insight into the frustrations of being a homicide detective in such a lawless city. He put more focus onto the characters of these detectives and how the squads interact internally and externally.


It's a fantastic read but nothing like The Wire. If you enjoyed the TV series, I'm sure you'll love this book. It's very well written, the narrative flows nicely, but as you'd expect it doesn't pull any punches.

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The Wire is deffinately up there on my top 5 TV shows (Deadwood being first :D) but i was gutted that the series had finished. I heared that David Simon had two books; 'Homicide' and 'The Corner'. I bought both, sitting nicely beside the chair but im reading Dennis Lehane's 'The given Day' at the mo so i haven't got round to it. I can't wait though :)

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