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The Winter Rose


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This is the story of an aritocratic woman doctor (India) working in East London in 1900. She meets gangster Sid Malone and falls in love with him although she is already engaged to MP Freddie Lytton. The book also focuses on Sid's sister Fiona and her husband Joe as they campaign to help the poor of East London.



I loved this book and was completely hooked. I also found that my opinions developed in exactly the same way as India's about both Sid and the poor, although I STILL think some of the poor men could spend less money in the pub and more on their family :rolleyes: . Despite everything that happened I also still felt sorry for Freddie, although my sympathy vanished for a bit during the Wish incident lol. As for Seamie and Willa I really wasn't interested they just appeared three quarters of the way into the story then kepy interrupting the good parts with their babbles on exploring. Also Willa just seemed another opportunity for the author the write about girl power. Willa was annoying and so ungrateful at the end, Seamie should have just left her on the mountain or at least told her to get a grip.


I think I'll buy The Tea Rose now which is actually the prequel and about Fiona and Joe. The third book is due out in May but there's no details about the plot.


Foster Rocks!


I'd love to hear other's opinions. :)

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I forgot to say, one thing I found annoying was the Americanisms used by the characters, particularly the upper class English. Things like "you're kidding", "cops", "I guess" and "it figures". There was another even more obvious one, but I can't remember it now. I've read these things from American authors before writing from the perspective of English people from the past, they wouldn't have said those things!

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I've just finished this. It was a big comfort read, like a slice of Christmas cake - you wouldn't want it every day, but once a year it's great. The goodies were good - even the bad ones - the baddies got their come-uppance, and it all ended well. Mostly.

As historical romance goes, this one was right up my street. It had the development of socialist politics, womens' rights and a bit of travel and exploring. I loved it all. But I think I'll wait till next Christmas for the sequel.

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