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This is just an idea, but instead of nominating a specific book for members to all read, maybe you could choose a genre or something a bit more open, then people can talk the genre or books? It may not work, but I just thought that this idea might encourage people who are not keen on being told which books to read, to give some freedom?


Back to the seminar room! Can't see that catching on with our busy crowd.

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Having read through this thread I think the answer lies in variety and freedom of choice. Those with negative thoughts towards the book group seem to base it on this idea of being tied to time and not being able to read what they want. While I understand what they are saying surely the idea is if you don't want to do something different you simply don't participate?


I do however understand their concerns and while I would love to say "I'll read anything" the theory is usually different from the reality. It is for this reason I would like to suggest the following:


A genre is chosen and a shortlist drawn up based on that genre.


Everyone participating votes and the the top 2 are chosen as the possible books.


The readers can then choose any one of those 2 and we take it from there.


No time limit is given per se just after half the people who have finished the book it is then generally discussed about moving on. I think this takes away the somewhat psychological handcuffs of feeling you "have" to do something rather than you would like to do it.


Just a few suggestions feel free to ask any questions.



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