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Any fans of Gervase Phinn out there? I've read or listened to nearly all his books and seen a couple of DVDs of his shows with my children. He is a great storyteller and has so many anecdotes of children's and teachers' humorous antics etc. that my daughter always asks if he is telling the truth as they're so funny. If you haven't experienced him then may I recommend 'Gervase Phinn Live - Tales from the Dales' or 'Gervase Phinn Live Again - A School Inspector Calls' DVDs or his CD 'Gervase Phinn - In A Class of His Own'? Any of these would make great Christmas gifts too for anyone who has children, grandchildren or loves children. Because of him, like his audiences, I now remember how to spell diarrhoea!!!

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I love his books. I find him a lovely story teller, without the need to build the children's innocent comments into punchlines. I've only listened to one as an audiobook as well as reading it some months before hand but I found that enjoyable too once I had got used to the accent.


I only wish some of the inspectors my mum has met over the years would be as friendly and dedicated as he seems.

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I've read the Other Side of the Dale before and just finished Over Hill and Dale. Gentle book, the James Herriot of schools, full of great characters and simple stories. One piece struck me as juxtapositionally funny and sad at the same time. Phinn tells the story of another inspector at a school where there seemed little emphasis on creative writing and looking through the work books of the children failed to find any short stories or poems until she found at the back of one book this.

Yesterday yesterday yesterday

Sorrow sorrow sorrow

Today today today

Hope hope hope

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow

Love love love


"What a wonderful little poem." the inspector told the child. The child thought for a while then announced "They're mi spelling corrections, miss." 

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Surprised that I had not contributed to this thread. I read, and enjoyed, several of Gervase Phinn's books in the early years of C21, and have mentioned them a few times in other threads. 

 I remembered that 'poem' - although not until I reached the punchline, and yes, funny and sad.

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