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Teacher wants 10yr old daughter to read Non-Fiction not so much Fiction!

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Just received the good news in the post that daughter's entry to short story comp. has been chosen to be published in "A Treasure Chest of Tales: A Collection of Short Stories" by the Young Writers organisation! Didn't know this was part of the competition (daughter hoping to win the laptop!). Very proud of her.

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Yay for your daughter.


I'm a school librarian (intermedate aged which is 11-13 here in NZ) boys seem to like non-fiction so we have Horrible Histories coming out our ears.


They also like drawing and making comics.


Maybe she's not a girly girl so you could try the H.H's.


Otherwise, buy her some of those nasty fan books like Justin Beirber and the BOys of Twilight. The girls love them, the teachers hate them but it's all true! The teacher can't complain.


I have certain teachers banging on about 'classics' but mostly that doesn't fire our kids with desire, reading should not be a chore, any reading is good reading in my book.


I recently brought graphic novels, there are non fiction ones and the kids LOVE them. If she likes comics, she might love NF graphic novels.

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Comics, fictional or factual, are fine for 10 year olds and even for adults. We oldies were largely brought up on them. Maybe the more enterprising writers for children would do well to introduce 'Classic Comics' that tell intriguing stories from the past. Maybe the Graphic Novel has done this already - Graphic Shakespeare, Graphic Chaucer, Graphic Bible Stories etc

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