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Michael Jecks and his wonder-books

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I have recently discovered Michael Jecks' books. They are really crime novels, but set in Medieval times. I've only read one at the moment, The Templar's Penance, but I intend to read more. That one was set in Spain, but I think that others are set in Devon/Cornwall. He has written about 10 or more.


I like his style of writing, although at the very beginning maybe a few to many characters are introduced at once - luckily there is a list of characters in the front. It was great seeing how the characters interlinked with each other and how all the connections were discovered by the protagonists.


I recommend this book!

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I have now read another 2. 'The Tournament of Blood' and 'The Mad Monk of Gidleigh'


The first one was exellent again, but the second one I got bored of. Probably because I've had an overdose of Medievil murder mysteries. I'll read some more at later.


There are still very good though!

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I've read two of his books - the Mad Monk of Gidleigh and A Moorland Hanging. I quite enjoyed the Mad Monk but was a bit taken aback at the blood bath at the end. However, having now read a second one where both characters and plot were heavily recycled, I'm less impressed.


For example, Baldwin and wossname stay with a local knight with delinquent sons. A key plot point was a bastard that no one knew about. Once you knew that, the one wot dunnit was really obvious.

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