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I think I do. On the basis of the phrase "This could never happen the people would not allow it .Its just to far fetched to be true Life", I think it might be "Nineteen Eighty-Four".

Oh yes! The 'historicism memorabilia' bit fits too.


'The Dutchess of edinburgh' threw me though.

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I've popped the answers in a spoiler in your post Adrian, because I was disappointed not to be able to guess all by myself when I first got to the post! Hope that's ok?


I'm confused like meg, too. I did try to tidy it up (making 8. Catcher in the Rye, not Kevin, and adding WNTTAK after 6. but then realised I might have thatwrong so have edited out again!)

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I've popped the answers in a spoiler in your post Adrian, because I was disappointed not to be able to guess all by myself when I first got to the post! Hope that's ok?

Yes, that's fine, I updated it to show which ones had been answered so people wouldn't have to scroll through the rest of the posts to find which were still unanswered.


I'm confused like meg, too. I did try to tidy it up (making 8. Catcher in the Rye, not Kevin, and adding WNTTAK after 6. but then realised I might have thatwrong so have edited out again!)

Confused? You will be, after the next episode of...Adrian's quiz.


7. Grammath is right with 1984, and honed in in exactly the phrase I used such a short piece of the review.


8 is Catcher in the Rye.


6 hasn't been answered yet and is the only one left. I changed this one as it was originally going to be Great Expectations. After posting the quiz I saw keeno had used that and had to change it. After toying with a couple of excerpts I used one but thought it was WNTTAKevin when it isn't. All clear? :confused::dunno:


And after that, I thought q. 6 was the easiest.

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Well, I used to.


Once it's guessed I think you'll find it's the most obvious. I'm sure the next paragraph of the review will give it away:

My problem with this novel is exactly what I've written in the title - what is the point? I don't get this story, I don't understand what [author's] aim was when he sat down and decided to write the story of a 17 year old boy who committed a murder and now had to work hard to stop the police from finding out. Is this a novel with a moral message, because if so, what was it? That believing the best in people and loving freely is stupid because you'll end up like [character], a widow with a message full of hate left as a reminder of her husband? It can't have been written as an entertaining, enjoyable read because - it just wasn't. The blurb sounds exciting, the story line sounds thrilling, yet when it comes to the actual story, it's dull, and there's no denying it. It's an awkward novel more than anything in which the reader doesn't seem to gain much by the end except a feeling of utter despair at the darkness of the human race - if the aim was to send the reader into a state of mild depression and thought's of `I never want to read that novel again' then [author] succeeded.


None of the characters were particularly likeable or interesting. I've heard people describe [character's] character as truly terrifying, but I didn't think so. Cruel, ambitious, clever, yes. Terrifying? Not really. The few characters that did come across as intriguing were killed off pretty quickly as [character's] iinitial murder led to more in order to cover up the tracks (Macbeth anyone?). If this sounds interesting, it wasn't really. The only time I felt involved with the novel was right near the end, where [character] is trying to encourage [character] to kill herself, destroying the last of the evidence. [Author's] writing here was very powerful and atmospheric, the reader becomes absorbed in the chapter, racing through the pages, excited to see what happens. But then it feels like a bit of an anti-climax, a let down. Maybe this is the type of story that should have been told as a film, I don't know, but something was lacking.

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I've had a book in the back of my mind since I first read the clue, but I haven't read it (only the BGO thread), and couldn't remember the title. Not only that, I didn't think the identity of the murderer was ever revealed. However, having trawled back through the 21st Century forum to spot the title, I offer

6) The Company of Wolves by Stef Penney.


edit: the second paragraph of the review was no help!

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Rather than agonise and lose sleep over the last one, try these extremely effusive and favourable reviews of books that some here at BGO might not find suitable for display on our shelves. Not that we're snobs or anything. I tried to do 10 but lost the will. I promise to try and keep up with who answers what this time.

Adrian's Derren Brown experiment starts here


1) In reading it, one has to learn to ignore the continual hard-done-by attitude of [author]. He consistently pleads his innocence, despite his guilt being indisputable, and complains about the 'bias' of the trial judge. We are treated to a stream of commentary about the judge's summing-up, and as if that's not enough, [author] tells us all about the letters he receives sympathising with him and agreeing that he has been treated unfairly (he doesn't mention any correspondence which says that he got what he deserved!). He also name-drops constantly in relation to 'famous' people who are apparently on his side.

1st one answered. David's 1st answer

2) When I then finished this book I was in tears, well I was in tears throughout the book but the end just hit me hard and I realised that there won't be any more books and what I've read can never be read again the same way. I felt depressed, not because it was a bad book, quite the opposite, it was such a good book and such a good series that I felt like I lost friends. As sad as this sounds, I feel that [author] created a world so detailed, so close to my heart that the end of it felt like a funeral. I think she felt quite the same and of course even worse when she was writing the last chapters of this book and I cannot even imagine the pain she felt for saying goodbye to [character] and his friends.


I don't think any book has touched me the way these did, not because it is the smartest or funniest book I've read but because it feels so real that it is hard to imagine it isn't. For this, I thank [author], she enriched my life with this epic story and I hope, for generations to come, they feel the same way about it.


3) On reading this review you will fall into one of two catergories. You will have either read some of [author's] work and will be looking for more of the same. [title] will not fail to deliver. Alternatively you will have never read [author's] work, in which case, read on...


If you are looking for a book that you LITERALLY cannot put down, then this is it. At the end of every chapter he generates an overwhelming desire to read 'just one more'. It is truly gripping.


The story is a fast paced thriller, with an invigorating mix of superb descriptive writing mixed with accurate science and in depth facts about the inner workings of the American political system. It sees the main characters involved in a monumentous scientific discovery in the Artic Circle, which has complicated connontations in the presidential race back in Washington. The answers lie in a conspiracy that runs right to the top.


4) As usual, [character] shows up somewhere, finds trouble, sorts out a massive mess and gets a little love in between. It is just as we, [character's] fans, like it. If you liked the other books, this one will be just as exciting as the others...and as always, I cannot put it down before turning the last page. Excellent excellent excellent.

Hazel. Obviously

5) First let me say I thought I was too old to like this kind of book. It is aimed at young adults, whatever that means and as a 'mature 24 year old' on a strict masters degree this is not the sort of book I am suppose to enjoy.


Whatever. Who cares about rules like that? [author] cites her influences as some of my favourite all-time writers; Austen, Montgomery, Alcott etc and the relationship between [character] and [charcter] reflects all the great couples in literature who love and lose and love again.


The book's strongest feature lies in the forbidden love between the two leads, coupled with the painful realisation of adolescent hormones and the knowledge that giving into those needs will lead to death and agony. Who can honestly say that that is not the most exciting and disturbing predicament they have read about all year?

Some librarian. Flingo?

6) I read the synopsis of [title] before I realized who'd written it and will be honest that when I realized it was [author] that I didn't hold out much hope of it being any good. But it got good reviews from other readers so I decided to give it a whirl. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement!


The story follows the life of a quiet unassuming girl named [character] who's never felt she fitted into her quiet family and who dreamed of leaving her sleepy existence behind and heading off to the big city. Spotted by a talent scout [character] soon finds herself propelled into the life of the rich and famous when she becomes a glamour model. But life isn't all a bed of roses as we soon find out.


I loved the way this book left you wanting to know what happened next at the end of each chapter. There are so many twists and turns that you begin to wonder if there'll be a happily ever after at all. [title] is a great chick-lit-type book that'll keep you turning pages until the end.....at which stage you'll whimper for more.


[author] proving herself to be a girl of varied talents and I for one hope she keeps up with her writing because if the next installment is anything like [title] then she'll be onto another winner.

David's 2nd answer

7) This is an honest and touching insight into the achievements and personal development of young [footballer]. It's definitely a cut above the average autobiography of a footballer, how he nearly never played football ever again, the impact of his 10 year old cousin dying at [place of national tragedy], the disappointment of not being selected for the [football academy], where he discloses how he learned to play alongside his heroes while still being a [regional place] teenager, revealing inside perspectives on the managers [manager] and [manager] in particular, the pressures and exaggerations of the press, joining the [country] squad as a teenager, the realisation that the individuals players at [team] were OK despite the club being the long-standing enemy, the sadness of [footballer] going to [club] after playing with him since they were [age], the inspiration from and identity with the fans in the [football ground, the torture of whether to leave [club] for a record breaking transfer fee, the break-up of his parent's marriage and the last gasp effort when suffering painful cramp to score the equaliser in the Cup Final.

Royal Rother

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So long as he doesn't put champagne in the shepherd's pie, he's alright with me. I once picked up baking soda instead of cornflour when trying to thicken up some mince. The result was not pleasant and it looked like a champagne/mince combo.


I won't edit my original post with the answers or who answered what, etc. as that didn't work out well last time, and I guess it doesn't really matter anyway. State of play so far:


1. Answered (David)




5. Twilight (MM)


7. Answered (Keenomanjaro)

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