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Congratulations, meg, Dan and Kerry all right answers. 


As you all know it is hard to find enough of a review without including too much information, so I realise they were all difficult.


meg, I had hoped the translation and the WW2 references might have helped with Captain Corelli's Mandolin.


Dan, with Umbrella I thought the second para on style and criticism of the author  might have given that away.


Kerry, I don't agree with much of the post on The Casual Vacancy because, although it is grim, I thought it was an honest picture of some of the harsher aspects of society and some of the characters did have "something pleasant" about them.   I dislike the reviewer's comparison with Under Milk Wood which is far gentler and with lyrical language and one of my favourite plays. Grrr! 


I haven't read Possession myself but was wondering about it and this review just happened to be there, again I thought the academia reference may have helped and as I revealed later  it was Booker winner and had been a BGO Group Read in the past  .


We may have temporarily exhausted this subject and need to give it a rest, as so few of us play. Although meg is the winner she may prefer to leave it for a while, having other commitments.  Maybe someone else will take up the challenge or one of us come back later on, what do you think?

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More apologies, you are right MM . I took that straight from the bad review itself and should have checked.

You could easily be convinced that it is a translation: the setting, the author's name.

I certainly found it hard to get into at first, and never really warmed to the Mussolini parts. I loved it once I did get into it, and my reading was undoubtedly enhanced by taking place on an actual Greek island.  :)

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Just two:

The first review is very obscure, so here are two little clues a] it's non-fiction, b] it's got a two page thread on BGO


1) One of the most boring books, really, had to finish it for my reading group. Nothing new there, do not understand why everyone is excited. Excellent promotion for the book though, I really can not explain all the fuss.


2) The plot seems promising but this book is a dreary slog.
Any excitement is subsumed in banality and the author seems so impressed with the quality of his writing that he buries the story in long-winded monologues and descriptions.
The characters are neither interesting nor likeable, the interesting point should be their talents but the book spends little time on that, instead giving a meandering history of (country) mixed with childish peeves and sulks.
There is endless foreshadowing of important events to come, as if these teasers should be enough to keep you reading while the book plods along with nothing happening for page after page.
If you like fantasy this book will bore you, if you like history it will annoy you, I have no idea how so many people have enjoyed this.
I pushed through two thirds of this unenjoyable muck before giving up.

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#2 sounds like it could have been written by someone who didn't like Midnight's Children, but we did that one awhile ago so that's probably not it

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If I can find any bad reviews that are neither too obvious or too obscure I'll try and post a couple later (or in a day or so)


Thank you meg, I do enjoy this, and agree with Kerry. Perhaps a few at a time will keep it moving more easily.


I hesitate to suggest, and hope it is not so, but could #2 be Lord of The Rings?

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Thanks, meg. It would be fun if more people participated, but I still really enjoy the game.


I enjoy reading this game thread, but don't participate because my reading experience is not wide enough.  :(  I am in awe of the players and their knowledge! :clap:

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Dan's right, 2) is Midnight's Children - I thought it had probably been here before, but the thread is too long for me to want to trawl through it last night.



Ting, I don't always recognise the books from the review (and when I do I'm often wrong) - but sometimes 'research' gets me there. The addition of late clues often leads the way - A trawl through the BGO Reads Archive helped me find Possession. ;)


Of course, it all depends on how much time you've got to waste, spend on it.

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No fights - how about any of us who finds one or two so we are able to move along faster?  It's getting harder we have done so many of those we can assume most have read or could recognise and all the classics, which were a good source, seem to have dropped reviews. Do you think it is acceptable to look outside Amazon within reason?

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There is now a list of the titles used since the quiz first started edited in at the end of the opening post/first quiz. I'll try to keep it up-to-date.


I'll try to do this a bit later today.


If Amazon isn't adequate, I guess other review sites can be used.

I don't see any reason not to repeat books - but preferably not the same reviews, although this thread is a bit long to go back and check on what has been used.

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