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Charity Bands


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They're the latest "giving money to charity trend". You know how you used to be able to get pins/badges/ribbons for a donation to a specific charity? Well the new thing appears to be rubber/cloth bands worn on the wrist. I'm sure most people saw the blue (I think) ones for the anti-bullying campaign, well this has kind of taken off and lots of charities are selling them now! There's the ones mentioned above, and I've seen lots more being worn by (generally) younger people, mostly teenagers.


Unfortuantely I've heard that some sports shops have started selling similar "fashion bands", where the money isn't passed on to charity. Now I'm fairly certain that for some people the reason to buy the bands is because it seems to be the "in thing" to do, but to be honest if the money's going to a good cause I don't see any reason to complain. But its when people who aren't quite sure where to buy the bands from and buy the non-charity ones by mistake that I start to get annoyed with the people making the "fake" bands. :mad:


Ahem. Rant over. Anyway, thats what charity bands are. It seems to have taken off quite well, so I guess the charities must be doing well out of it so it's all good! :D

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