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Corruption Afoot

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I can't remember how I heard about Andrew Jennings Book


"The Lords of the Rings" which is about the Internation Olympic Committee and the dirty dealings, scams and outrageous practices that have gone on within the IOC.


It was a very interesting book about a wonderful organisation that is run by a disturbingly powerful and greedy man. A man who wants everything his way adn will quite happily ensure that people who can give him this are the ones who make it to the top.


From the IAAF (athletics governing body) who fixed results and demanded that the 100m final was at a time suitable for American TV or they would pull out from the Korean Olympics right through to the gifts for delegates to affect voting for hosting the games.


The follow up FOUL! about FIFA is almost as bad, with situations where delegates are not allowed permits to travel and someone else votes as that country in the favour of the top tier of the organisation. The African World Cup was set up on one of the delegates getting to meet Nelson Mandela, who by that point was an old man and not well.


For anyone who wants a bit of a shock and a chance to see sport from it's not so shiny side - this is worth a read.

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