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On The Road

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This is, I suppose, Frank Skinner's sequel to his autobiography. He focuses on the genesis and execution of his recent British tour, which was his return to stand up.

I struggled with the diary format for a bit, finding it a bit stilted, but I began to enjoy it. He's very candid about his own insecurities and paranoia, and I found this quite illuminating. I went to see a stand up comedian last night, and the book very much made me see the gig from his perspective.

I'm also quite impressed by Skinner's willingness, or even need, to talk about his faith, while acknowledging that it isn't something which will make him seem cool. In fact, he talks about himself as a weirdo-loner-type all the way through.

The book is very episodic and rambling in places, but there are some lovely vignettes, like when his flat becomes invaded by flies.

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