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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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I'm working my way through the series for the third or fourth time. But this time I will be listening to the audiobooks.

They are read by Stephen Fry. Well the UK editions are. The US editions are read by Jim Dale who, presumably is based there and is better known than Stephen Fry. But at least he is British.


Stephen Fry is a very good narrator and I think he tells the story very well. My only slight criticism is the way he voices Hermione. I just don't like the tone he has given her. It is different to how I heard the voice in my head when I read the books.


"HP and the Philosopher's Stone" is, of course, the first and shortest book in the series and written for the younger audience. I've always enjoyed the book as an introduction and/but have been aware of the (appropriate) style of writing. These limitations aren't such an issue for an audiobook and consequently the story can be enjoyed for itself without the listener being concious of the writing style.

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