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Part of the Quick Reads series created, I believe, to encourage adults who would otherwise be put off longer books for whatever reason.


So, this is a short book, some 107 pages of actual story and very quickly and easily read (for me). I enjoyed it as far as it went, unfortunately I prefer longer novels and am used to Rankin's Rebus series which are 300 - 500 pages long, so this one seemed to stop short for me. However, it was well written, the characters believable and the story to the point.


For those who like short books, or like me have time to spend in waiting rooms and don't want to get involved in longer stories, it's ideal and I, for all my preferences, I did enjoy the book - I just wanted more!


I chose Ian Rankin because he's an author I like and I wanted to support the Quick Reads series as I think that encouragement to read is a good thing.



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      From Amazon : The second book in the Malcom Fox Series, Malcolm Fox and his team are back, investigating whether fellow cops covered up for Detective Paul Carter. Carter has been found guilty of misconduct, but what should be a simple job is soon complicated by a brutal murder and a weapon that should not even exist.

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      This book was written thirty years ago (you can tell, central locking in cars seems to have been a novelty and as for mobile phones, non-existent) and it went out of print.  The only Rankin to do so.  Legend has it that a fan persuaded Ian Rankin to give it another read and he realised that it wasn't as bad as he originally thought it was and had it re-released, this year. 
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      A very short book - 48 pages - by one of my favourite authors. 
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      No Rebus in sight.
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      As a Scot I am (almost) ashamed to admit that I have never read any of Ian Rankin's crime books, and feeling decidedly humble, I feel ready to change this and am intrigued by the adoration he and his books seem to generate. There are so many to choose from and I just wonder what is the best one to start with, read, or even your favourite? That way I can choose a good one to read?
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